Doctors’ Endorsements

A word from the doctors…

We are privileged to enable our patients to benefit from the dedication and expertise of renowned

doctors, who acknowledge MARS’ valuable role as a liaison between the medical team and the patient.

I have been giving advice to patients from MARS for the last 5 years and have always been impressed by the careful attention to detail by the Medical Director and his team. I am often asked as a second opinion when a patient has been advised elsewhere. In my experience the MARS team are determined to understand the logic behind any recommendations, to ensure there are no better alternatives and to make sure the patient is pointed towards the right practitioner for treatment. It is a level of service that others should aspire to.

I would heartily recommend MARS Org to any family or patient who needs support in navigating the complex world of healthcare. My patients tell me how much they value the support that MARS Org provides them and the personal attention that Rabbi Grunfeld has in helping manage cases and directly communicates with patients and relatives.

MARS Org provides support for young patients and families as well as a link to clinicians who can advise on care to improve the patient journey through the complexities of medical practice.

Healthcare is a complex maze that is next to impossible to navigate without assistance. MARS offers an essential service helping patients reach the right specialist first time to provide the most cost effective healthcare to get the best outcome possible.

The Medical Advocacy & Referral Service (MARS) under the direction of Rabbi Grunfeld is an outstanding service that has helped and supported an innumerable number of patients over the years.  The assistance they provide is something above and beyond that of current medical services.  I believe that patients have truly benefited from such a bespoke service as MARS not only facilitates but also identifies the deemed best medical specialist for the patient’s needs.

Rabbi Grunfeld is extremely honest and hard-working.  He always has the patient’s best interests at heart. I would wholeheartedly recommend him and his team.  All patients should consider their service if needed.

I have been involved in the specialist care of patients referred through MARS for a number of years.
I have found the service to be consistently efficient, responsive, and clinically astute. Receiving
prompt and optimal care is clearly central to the service, and my experience is that this is delivered to
a very high standard.